Do All Online Casinos Have Legal Authorization?

Over a period of time things have changed a lot for casinos and casino lovers. The number of online casinos has gone really up and now one can sit at home and earn a fortune. The only thing which one would miss while playing from home would be the lights, noise and that extra excitement. But then one has the option of relaxing and playing sitting down at home, with no people around concentration is more. The question which generally bothers people while playing online is that, are these online casinos legal?

There is a Wire Act in U.S. according to which one cannot use wire transmission for placing a bet. A person can be fined or imprisoned not more than two years, or both if anyone in business of betting or wagering knowingly uses this wire communication to receive money of bets or wagers. The law even states that the wire communication cannot be used even to transfer information regarding betting or any other thing which would assist in betting. The Wire Act is under argument as some believe that it’s for all forms of gambling, however, some believe that it only refers to sports betting and wagering during the sports events. Because of Wire Act many banks blocked online gambling transactions and even use of credit cards. The effect of this act was really bad for the casinos and their owners as major websites Google and Yahoo stopped accepting advertisements for gambling.

Now according to World Trade Organization gambling is legal at the licensed online casinos. It even decided that rather than government prohibiting the online casinos should work towards regulating them and imposing taxes for the state benefit.

Though many steps were taken to stop this gambling but still many casinos are operating legally outside U.S. and there are a number of offline and online methods of payments available with them so, one is not required to pay through the credit cards. The studies reveal that most of the online players are from America and the rate is growing considerably. The other tiny country of Antigua and Barbuda which has 25% of the online gambling consulted the World Trade Organization to decide on the matter and take some steps for that. Later World Trade Organization took decision in favor of Antigua and Barbuda, who argued that the state policy was not against border gambling operations.

With the intervention of World Trade Organization there is a kind of cease fire between the government and the casinos. The internet of today has number of online casinos with variety of games. Such online casinos attract even those players who play in the land based casino. Thus with government taking steps towards regulation of such online casinos the future of online casinos seems to be very bright.