Real Time Strategies Are Back!

I was remembering just what a great game Age of Empires really was! I played hours and hours of this game and just look at it And a few seconds later. I realized I was thinking “I wouldn’t mind playing that again” Now there can’t be too many of you out there, who haven’t played at least one game from the franchise And I’m sure you’ve all got the same fond memories. So there it is Age of Empires the Definitive Edition I have a sneaking suspicion that might be in my Christmas stocking At number 4 its Spellforce 3 Now let me tell you, this game almost didn’t make this top 10 because when I first watched this video. I almost fell asleep! This is one of the most … OK, it kind of looks cool, but the music is really kind of depressing and the video is a total snoozefest. Let’s face it. Yeah, it’s kind of okay to look at but … I’m getting bored and now I’m losing the will to live … so well, we’re not going to watch the rest of this trailer and Instead we’re going to watch THIS trailer which is a teaser trailer for PVP and the only reason that I kind of persevered with this game was that I happened to speak to a friend of mine who played this at a games convention and said it was really good and he really enjoyed playing it So I went kind of back and checked it out. Now this is more like it! There’s some people running around! Come on, blow something up! There we go! That’s more like it! This is already like a million times better. This is what we want: We want to see the game!

We want to see stuff blowing up! Okay, it’s very short but yeah a big big memo to THQ Nordic, the Publishers. Don’t make boring videos! If you want more details about this game go check out the website News came of a mysterious land lying beyond the Iron Hale prompting the clan elders to send their bravest warriors They sailed through fog and storms Navigating the treacherous Iron Sea until that they finally reached the shores of North Guard It’s pretty easy to sum up Northgard. Northgard takes the ‘Settler’ series into the next generation I Was lucky enough to get an early copy of Northgard And I played it, and I was enjoying it I was getting ready to make a let’s play series of it And then I got distracted by Oxygen Not Included which has kinda become my obsession and so I never carried on playing it and I’m kind of looking at this trailer and kind of regretting that because this is a really good game It’s got a nice balance of complexity versus depth, it has a few novel mechanics where you have to expand territory and control resources Generally, this is a good solid RTS game that I would have no problems recommending At number 2 its Total War: Warhammer II and there really isn’t too much to say about this because if you’ve seen or played the first installment

This is going to be exactly the same. It’s just all new content It’s a completely new campaign and the two races at the start are going to be the High Elves They are my favorite! .. and the Lizard-Men and for those of us, including me, who sometimes complain about the cost of the DLC’s the amount of the DLC’s the fact that they’re releasing a completely new game at full price only a year after the first one You know what I think? We all need to shut up, get our wallets out, because let’s face it. It’s awesome! We’re going to buy it anyway. Oh, and I almost forgot … this trailer absolutely rocks! When I heard the first few notes of the music in this next trailer, something that I hadn’t heard for at least 10 years The hairs on my arms literally stood on end The undisputed King of the Real-Time Strategy genre is back! This is the game that not only redefined real-time strategy, it even redefined our language! before Starcraft, we ‘rushed’. After Starcraft, we ‘zerged’. We sat around at school and work discussing the merits of ‘seven pooling’ versus ‘eight pooling’ Twenty Years ago it took over our lives, and I think it’s going to do it again That’s it for my Top 10 Real Time Strategy games. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I’ll catch you for the next one. Peace Out!