The Most Popular Three Types of Slot Machines

You may think that slot machines are of several different types, but the fact is that there are just a few different types. But, these few types of slots are sufficient to cater to a wide variety of slot machines. The main 3 different types of slots are:

  • Straight Slots
  • Bonus Game Slots
  • Progressive Slots

Straight Slots

Straight slots are basic slot machines for playing slots, where the payout is made on the typical pay table. Straight slots are simple and easy to learn even for beginners. However, these slot games further have sub variations like:

  • Wildcard – This symbol acts as the substitute to every other symbol. This increases the payout chances as Wildcard can be taken as anything.
  • Multiplier – When a symbol appears on the reels such that it allows multiplying a win by a fixed number it is called a Multiplier.
  • Bonus Multiplier – When one or multiple reels have the symbol for multiplying bonus received for the symbol it is called Bonus Multiplier. This is similar to a wild card, but here a bonus payout is involved.
  • Multiple Pay lines – When you have multiple lines to bet for winning. There are machines that have as many as 20 various paylines to bet on.
  • Buy a Pay – In these machines, there are multiple payout tables. An additional bet is cost to the player for each of the payout table. Even though it is going to cost more for betting, the chances of winning are better because of various combinations of symbols.

Bonus Game Slots

Bonus game slot machines are machines where you get additional games when you are able to get some special symbol combination on the reels. With these games your chances of winning extra money are increased without the need for additional bets. If you are seeking the best machines, then these are the ones.

These games can be compared to finding hidden treasure. The spinning reels can be stopped according to your will to find the best possible bonus. Always try these additional games to get the best winning prospects.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are similar to standard slot machines in many ways, but one feature is unique and especially attracts players. Generally, these slots are connected to other machines in the casino or banks, and even with a bunch of machines spread out in different casinos.

Betting in these slot machines involves deduction of a tiny percentage from the bet amount, which gets added to the total of the progressive jackpot that is common to all the machines. The right combination will do the job for you to make the win. However, there are several other players who are also trying for the right combination. Since, this is a highly collective slot machines game there is always the spirit of enjoying watch other players win.